Free eBook Downloads Available From Carbarita Press

Carbarita Press, as a not-for -profit publisher, is pleased to give visitors access to its range of recently published books. The eBooks can be easily downloaded by clicking on the appropriate icon. Hard copy presentation volumes of the books may be available in some cases, but those interested should contact us via this website for more information.

Here is the list of currently available eBooks:

The Realm of Splendour by Brian Coman and Harry Oldmeadow.

This is a book of sketches and reflections on the natural order. Please note that this book will shortly be available in hardcopy (limited numbers). This is a commercially printed book featuring hardcover binding and quality coated silk paper. Contact Carbarita Press for details:

2. Wellsprings by Harry Oldmeadow

This is an anthology of maxims and quotable quotes.

3. Things in General by Brian Coman

A literary miscellany: mainly short essays and biographical sketches.

4. Gleanings by Harry Oldmeadow

A collection of essays and reviews, many previously unpublished.

5. The Rabbit Inspector by John Ciaran Casey

A short novel based on a real event – a suspected murder in regional NSW

6. Against the Tide by Harry Oldmeadow.

Short sketches on fifteen modern Christian Thinkers.

7. Leaves in the Wind: An Autobiography by Harry Oldmeadow

8. Persons of Interest by Harry Oldmeadow

A book of essays on saints and sages, philosophers, poets, novelists, scholars, film-makers and others.

9. The Frenzy on the Wall: 701 Must-See Films (Vol 1)

By Harry Oldmeadow

Here you will find short (less than 300 words ea) pithy reviews on some 350 English-language films, mostly from the golden age of cinema. The second volume, soon to be published, will feature foreign-language films.

10. The Frenzy on the Wall Vol. 2.

This second volume of the two volume set (see above) deals with foreign-language films.

11. The Far Horizon. More Film Reviews from Harry Oldmeadow. These deal with 250 Westerns.