May be available at Aesop’s Attic, Kyneton, or Stoneman’s Bookroom, Castlemaine.

Here is the cover blurb for the book:

Here in words and pictures is an account of the Coliban River on its journey through both landscape and time. The author and photographer follow the river from its source in the Wombat Forest above Trentham in Victoria to its final destination at Lake Eppalock.
The account, richly illustrated with photographs, blends natural history with social history in a personal and very readable account of the river. The author, Brian Coman, was born and raised near the Coliban Reservoir at South Kyneton and spent a good part of his working life as a biologist in the middle section of the Coliban catchment, centred on Metcalfe. Although coming from a scientific background, the author has here given us an avowedly personal account, free from scientific jargon and tedious statistics.
Harry Oldmeadow, by contrast, has no previous association with the river, but his long-term interest in landscape photography is here put to good use in providing many stunning photographs of the river in its various moods. A former Associate Professor in the Humanities, Harry shares, with Brian Coman, an appreciation of the objective nature of Beauty in the traditional, metaphysical sense. This sense of the beauty of the natural order pervades Oldmeadow’s work as a photographer.